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Healthy community lunches

APT is bringing back healthy community lunches. On Monday 1st February, 12noon - 2pm, we will be serving a warming soup and rolls with a variety of fruit available, similar to the lunches provided by the Wiggly Worm team.

Those of you who remember the van visiting APT and the Stonehouse Children’s Centre to serve wonderful, nutritious, hot lunches, will also remember Laurence Kapoor, the chef.

Laurence will be joining us on Monday 7th March to cook the lunch for our official launch meal. This will be available from 12 noon to 2pm.

Come and join us and enjoy the food, make a donation to the food costs, have a coffee, pick up a recipe and chat to the APT team to let us know what you would like APT to pro-vide in your community.


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