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We’re proud to say that it’s only through the generosity of our volunteers that we can offer the range of services that we do today. They are some truly amazing people who do what they do for a wide variety of reasons – none of which are financial gain.

What Can I Get Out Of It?

  • Make a Real Difference – Many members who use our services regularly come to rely upon them to socialise, meet with friends and experience new things. These important services, simply would not run without our volunteers.

  • Develop Skills Without Realising – Patience, diffusing tension, problem solving, group management, team building…you can go on courses to practice all of these. Or you can volunteer with us and develop them all at once.

  • Do It For Your Future – Enhanced skills, check. Self-motivation, check. Accepts responsibility, check. Not motivated by money, check.

  • Part Of A Team – We’re a team and we run everything as a team. Everyone gets our total support, and a unique opportunity to learn.

  • …It Makes Us Happy! – The warm glow of seeing our members smile – sometimes that’s all that matters!

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